Avoiding Doggone Trouble When Heading Into Public With Your Canine

Dog owners often have an intense connection with their canine friends. Some elect to bring their four-legged companions with them everywhere. If you're one of these pet parents, it's your responsibility to assure going out doesn't end badly. Here are some tips from Barking Dog Beer Bones on making every trip away from home a success.


One destination built for you and your fur baby is an off-leash park. Before entering, familiarize yourself with the posted guidelines. Professional dog trainers recommend that pups be at least four months old before exploring these grassy paradises. On the flip side, older dogs are more susceptible to injury. Ask your vet if letting Fido run around unrestrained is a good idea. While you're chatting, discuss vaccinations, which are prerequisites for entering.


Where to go

There are plenty of dog-friendly bars throughout the country. Ahead of hitting the scene, do your research and learn the establishment's rules. Some places allow you to imbibe side-by-side; others have dedicated play areas where Fido must stay. Lots of chain restaurants make accommodations for dogs. Go ahead and share an appetizer, but stay away from trouble foods.


Other popular locales worth exploring include the beach and hiking trails. Avoid bringing hounds to crowded, noisy venues, such as parades, concerts, house parties, and sporting events. If you're going someplace exotic that requires flying, get your animal ready for the experience.


What to Bring

Prepare a kit with everything you could need away from home. A collar or harness and an extendable leash are musts. Also, pack a portable water bottle designed for dogs, as dehydration can be deadly. Take a selection of favorite toys, waste bags, and a snuggly blanket for comfort. Vitally, don't forget a selection of treats with which you can reinforce good behavior.


How to Deal With People

The more time you spend in public areas, the greater the likelihood of strangers wanting to pet your tail-wagger. Depending on your buddy's temperament, this can be more or less of a problem. Government health officials estimate there are 4.5 million dog bites each year. Owners with aggressive breeds might worry about an encounter ending badly. If you'd prefer that others stay away, there are strategies you can use.


If you do allow people to get close, monitor the situation closely. Insist that the individual approaching your pet observe recommended protocol. Do your best to remain calm. Any emotional discomfort you're feeling will heighten your pup's anxiety and increase the odds of an attack.


After arriving home from work, spend time together. Cuddle on the couch and play multiple rounds of fetch before exposing yourselves to a potentially volatile situation. Jobs generate a great deal of stress. Nerves are most likely to be frayed at the end of a long shift. Wind down with music first, as it positively influences both humans and canines.


When to Dress for Attention

If you're single, public interest in your hound could be welcome. Maybe you're looking to turn your pet into a social media star. Encouraging newcomers to say hello and take pictures facilitates this goal. Gain extra attention by dressing your pup in an adorable costume. Halloween is the ideal time for getting creative and making your own


Taking your dog into public is a potentially rewarding experience, but it's also fraught with peril. Be responsible when accompanying your pooch places far and near.


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